Wednesday, January 5, 2011

  Random Thoughts In No Particular Order

1. I gave my blog a little makeover after it was pointed out to me by Karrie that I really needed to update from the sonogram picture of Baby Girl. Better?

2. A few of my bloggy friends (Jenn, Karrie, & Gracie) are doing a 365 project - taking and posting at least one photo per day for a full year. I've decided to give it a go, and you can follow along here!

3. I plan to post a little about Christmas and New Year's when I get a chance to type with both hands for more than 30 seconds. You know, next year sometime!

4. My baby sister is having a baby next Tuesday. I plan to be there, and I cannot wait to meet baby Jake!

5. My Christmas tree is STILL sitting in my living room. I took the decorations off the tree and put up all the other decorations, and my hubby said he would move the tree out, and it is still there, dropping millions of needles on the floor.

6. I'm all out of time. You would not believe how long this has taken, while also calming a fussy baby and keeping a 2 year old from killing himself!

7. I don't have time to proof read, so forgive any typos!