Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I've Never Been More LOST!

I have been a fan of LOST since the very first episode. I have to admit that I didn't plan to watch it. I saw all the previews before it's premier, and I kept thinking it sounded a lot like a Gilligan's Island remake. Boy, was I ever wrong.

Last night was the premier show of the final season. The final season which is supposed to provide us with all the answers we've been searching for.

At this point, all I have are more questions.

1. Let's start with the title of the episode, shall we? LA X. Not LAX, which is the abbreviation for Los Angeles International Airport, but LA (space) X. Hmmmmm......what could that mean? Just a typo? Not likely with the attention to detail that goes into this show.

2. What up with the entire island being under water?

3. Desmond was on the plane? He wasn't originally on the plane.

4. Why was Shannon not on the plane? Plot twist or actress unavailability?

5. Desmond vanished when Jack saved Charlie. Coincidence?

6. They pulled away a steel beam with a Volkswagon bus? I'm pretty sure the bumper would have just popped right off. And wasn't that an identical steel beam that Sawyer pulled off Juliet all by himself?

7. Is Sawyer going to learn that the Temple water (why is it not clear anymore? what does that mean?) "saved" Sayid? I'm afraid he'll go dig Julia up from her grave and dump her in the water, and then I get Pet Cemetery flashbacks, and it's all ugly from there on out.

8. We know that the new evil, fake Locke (Flocke? Faux Locke?) is actually the man in black, who is actually the smoke monster. Now that Sayid is back from the dead, is he actually a reincarnation or whatever of Jacob?

9. When was Richard in chains?

10. As Jack was trying to revive Sayid, and Kate was yelling at him, did anyone else have a flashback to when Jack revived Charlie in the jungle after Claire was kidnapped? I was waiting for Jack to get that angry/determined look and punch Sayid in the chest. I have to admit I was a little disappointed he didn't try a little harder!

11. What happened to Christian's body? And by the way, I triple loved the scene between Jack and Locke at the airport with Locke explaining that Jack didn't lose his father, only his father's body, and Jack telling Locke that nothing is irreversible.

This series has been addictive and infuriating at the same time. I can tell the final season will be more of the same, and I, for one, will be sad to see it go.


Pajama Mama said...

My goodness.

Shawna said...

I tell you the truth, I will be glad to see it go. I also feel like I have to watch to find out what in the world is going on, but I'm sick of having more questions than answers. I'm pretty sure whatever answers are finally revealed will infuriate me. I'm tired of being confused. Life is tough enough on its own. I don't need TV making things more confusing. :)

Sailor and Co said...

Ive never seen the show. I know, right? I must be lost lol!