Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My younger sister made this adorable tutu for my sweet baby girl.

Then she, her daughter, my older sister and I took my sweet baby girl out into the gnat infested South Georgia heat and tortured her until we got a few good pictures of her in her new tutu.
Note:  No babies were injured in any way during this production.  These are not "biting" gnats, they are "aggravate the heck out of you until you cry" gnats.

It was definitely a team effort.  My older sister and I both snapped pictures while my younger sister fanned Baby Girl with a pizza box top in an attempt to keep the gnats away.
Meanwhile, my niece stood behind us and played pat-a-cake, Baby Girl's favorite game, to try to keep her distracted and get her to smile.
In the end, I think we got a few good shots.  I'm planning to take the tutu (and the baby) to the beach this week and try again there!



Karrie said...

Love love love!!! All in the name of beauty ;)

Pajama Mama said...

The last is the best. Gnats are the worst ever this year!!!