Thursday, January 5, 2012

Alphabitty Moments ~ C & D

I'm joining Mama Bear in celebrating the little moments in our kids' lives.

I thought C & D would catch me up, but Mama Bear is already on E.  Oh well.

C is for cars.  I've posted before about finding cars all over my house.  It's only getting worse.  The Boy loves his cars.  So does Baby Girl.  She spends much more time playing with cars than with baby dolls.

The little two also share a love of dinosaurs.  If Baby Girl hadn't been napping when I finally got around to photographing dinosaur play, she would have been right in there too.  The Boy is starting to want to learn the dinosaurs names.  Baby Girl just likes to make them walk and growl.


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MamaBear said...

Love the graphics of the cars layout! Sam was a HUGE matchbox car lover when he was that age. We hardly had to buy any since I still had the ones I played with as a kid.

Don't worry about catching up. :) I'm sure I'll miss a week or two here or there and you'll be caught up in no time!