Thursday, April 24, 2008


Where shall I begin. I guess I should start with my family. They are the most important thing in the world to me. I've been married to Dh for 13 years. He is a wonderful man who is working two jobs so that I can stay home with our kids. He works very hard to provide for us, and I'm sure he feels under appreciated, but we love him very much.

We have three kids. It still sounds a little odd to me to say I am the mother of three. It was a bit of a long road road to finally reach that number, but now my family is complete. I feel whole. I am now able to say with complete confidence that we are out of the baby making business. I said it after number two, but I never meant it. Now I do.

Our oldest, Sweetpea. Her daddy says she is the sweetest person he has ever known, and I believe he is right. She always says the sweetest things and is constantly making little cards and notes for us. She is also very funny. Her one liners crack us up all the time. She is 10 years old, another thing that is hard for me to believe. She is growing up so fast.

Our second, Princess E. Mommy's girl all the way. The addition of her new baby brother has been quite a wake up call for her. Dh has always told me to 'cut the cord' as far as she is concerned. I see no reason to do that. She has backed off a little since the Little Man arrived in our lives, but she is still very attached to her mommy. She is my studious child. She delights in reading, and she comes home every day and gets her homework done first thing. She never complains about doing it, and even finishes all the week's work on the first day if I don't stop her. Princess E is funny too, but where Sweetpea tries to be funny, the Princess is funny without even knowing she's funny.

Our baby, Little Man. A gift from God. He arrived in our lives after I turned 40. I have heard that I must be crazy and that I'm brave. I'm just a mommy. I know God put him on this earth and in my life for a reason. I have already seen some of the magic Little Man has worked in my life, and I can't wait to see what comes next. He is a sweet baby. A little more high maintenance than I would like sometimes, but we cope. He loves to be held and doesn't sleep much during the day. I'm not accomplishing much, and Dh tells me it's ok to put him down and let him cry. But he's the last baby I'll ever have, so I'm soaking up all the baby snuggles I can get.

And me. I'm a SAHM/home daycare provider. I started watching kids 8 years ago as a way to make a little extra money. It has been quite an experience. I have made wonderful friends because I have kept their kids. Both Sweetpea and Princess E now have friends I believe will be in their lives forever. At times I have felt like I'm being paid for my girls to have play dates. Other than that, I am a daughter, sister, aunt and friend. I am a Christian who is constantly working to "let go and let God." It's not always easy, but I'll get there.