Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Baby's Mama

Meet K. She's one of my five nieces (I also have five nephews and one great niece). She's almost three years old and is very funny. She's also one of my favorite photography subjects. I mean, just look at those eyes.

When Little Man was very small, and we were visiting at Mama's, K wanted to hold him. I told her he had to eat first, so she took off to the kitchen to find him some lunch. I told her he couldn't eat that kind of food quite yet. I got a blanket, and very discretely started to nurse him. K came over, ripped off the blanket, and started yelling, "No eat ur mommy!" I have to wonder if that wasn't the beginning of his refusal to nurse.

Now K has laid claim to the Little Man. He is her baby. When we were all together over the 4th, she was constantly asking about the welfare of her baby. "Where is my baby? Is my baby hungry? Why is my baby crying? Is my baby sleeping?" Well, he WAS!!

So the other day, my sister called me. She told K who she was talking to, and K said, "I wanna talk to my baby's mama." Now, that's a label I never really expected to have. Especially from a two year old girl.

K and her mama are coming for a visit this weekend. I can't wait to hear what MY baby's mama says next!

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