Friday, July 18, 2008


Oh, my beautiful BLOND baby girl.

We have had a can of Strawberry Mist icing in our cabinet for ages. I honestly don't know how or when it got there. I make my own icing, and wouldn't want Strawberry Mist in the first place. The Princess has been begging to eat that icing. She has suggested all sorts of things she could put the icing on, right down to Doritos. So, I had some time alone with her the other day, and we decided we would bake a cake and use the pink icing. She's a very good kitchen helper.

First she saw the tri-colored rotini in the cabinet and decided that would be a great lunch. I usually cook that in chicken broth and add some carrots and broccoli. I told her we don't have all the ingredients for that, to which she responded, "What? We don't have chicken brock?"

Then I asked her to get the butter out for me. She was standing on her tippy toes, reaching with all her might. Then she apparently combined the two sentences running through her sweet little head, and what came out was, "Can we use the I Can't Reach It's Not Butter?"

And finally, when her daddy called home today and she answered the phone, she said, "I can't hear you, you're talking too loud."

I hate to perpetuate the blond stereotype, but...................

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