Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Best Friend

I did a little rearranging/spring cleaning over the weekend. One item that was moved in that process was a mirror that used to hang on the wall over our tv. When my brother came to visit and helped me set up the entertainment armoire my sister gave me, I had to take the mirror down. Since then the mirror has been hidden behind the dry sink in my dining room. I moved the dry sink and the mirror yesterday so Sweetpea could mop. Little did I know I was introducing my son to his new best friend. He is totally enamored with the cute little boy in the mirror. He can't walk by without coming back for a second look, dancing with the little guy, or giving him a kiss. Sadly, the mirror is framed in wrought iron and is quite heavy, so it will soon find a new home where it can't fall over and break anyone's toes.



Thats so precious, He is a beautiful baby:)What great pics you got of him looking into the mirror.

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

Bryan loves himself too. we have a great soft one on the back of an old style crib toy that we just use on the floor and he LOVES it. he kisses himself repeatedly.