Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday

First of all, having two new day care kids on top of the three I had before plus my own three children did NOT turn my brain a little mushy! And, I did NOT change at least 20 poopy diapers last week!!

I also STILL did NOT resort to the tv as a babysitter at any point during the week.

Nor do I think these little hands clasped behind a certain Little Man's back while immersed in any sort of DJ Lance Rock tv coma are the cutest little hands on the entire planet.

Because this is NOT the new "smile" my son has adopted whenever he sees my camera, I am NOT worried about what future school pictures will look like.

I am NOT a stickler about my baby going to sleep in his own bed. I do NOT get a little irked with his daddy when he decides taking the little guy into our bed to snuggle is a good idea. This does NOT ever mess up my own morning routine due to the fact that I cannot leave a sleeping baby on my big king sized bed for fear of him rolling off and landing on his head. I have NOT on two occasions this week been forced to wake Sweetpea up, make her get out of her bed and move into mine to keep her brother from falling off the bed so I could get a shower.

I also did NOT hold the precious little boy until he fell asleep in my own lap last night while telling myself that I was certainly messing up the wonderful bedtime routine I worked so hard to establish.

I did NOT then sit and kiss his little head and smell his little baby soap smell and realize how big he is getting. I did NOT look over at this framed photo and get a little teary and wish I could just make him stay little forever.

The sudden memory of the at least 20 poopy diapers did NOT make me realize that being a little bigger and potty trained might not be such a bad idea!

Now head on over to My Charming Kids to see what MckMama and her wolverines did NOT do this week!


MamaBear said...

Thanks for making me laugh Susan. You summed up so much SO well. :)

Blessedw5mom said...

Happy Monday! I hear yah, with the poopy diapers ... growing up isn't such a sad thing when we think of the lack of diapers :-)

Love Mom said...

Just read your comment on MckMama's blog about "what we are doing?" and saw what you were eating in your salad. May I suggest that you add canned (drained) mandarine orange pieces in that salad as well; it really adds a nice flavor to it. We eat that ALL the time with grilled chicken or steak (sometimes substituting the wlanuts for almonds)...

Anywho, I blabbed enough about food, considering my latest post.

Nice blog. I will visit again...