Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Alphabitty Moments - The Letter B

It is time for another installment of Alphabitty Moments, a blog carnival created by MamaBear at 4 The Love of Family.

By the way, I have become totally obsessed with
Mixbooks. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend you do. I think I'm addicted. My mountain of laundry and dusty furniture would agree.

**You can click on my images to see them larger. They were larger last week, and I have no idea what I did differently this week.

For my Sweetpea, I chose to use 'Banquet' as her 'B' word. Last year was the year of the banquet. The Sixth Grade Banquet is a graduation of sorts. It marks the end of elementary school. As I was on the banquet planning committee, we felt like we worked on banquet stuff all year. The end result was well worth it. The kids all had a great time, and just look how grown up my girl looked!

The Princess is a child made for the beach. She has blond hair and blue eyes and seems to get a deep dark tan just by thinking about the sun. I slather her with sunblock, but she still tans like crazy. She never burns. She just gets browner and browner as the summer days go by. She loves going to the beach, playing in the sand, boogie boarding in the waves, collecting shells to bring home and leave in a bucket of salt water until they stink up the neighborhood. You get the picture!

Go on over to 4 The Love of Family and take a peek at what other moms are celebrating this week. I've already peeked at MamaBear's layouts, and they are gorgeous! I may have to borrow some ideas from her!


minski39 said...

Great letter ideas this week! Very cute!!!

MamaBear said...

Borrow away, because I'm getting inspiration from YOU too!

Mommy Bear said...

Very cute layouts!