Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I just looked through my posts, and saw that this one was never published. Although it wasn't funny to me the day I wrote it, it made me laugh tonight.

Also, by the end of our time dog sitting, The Boy had taken to crawling around and picking up toys with his teeth. Can you say peer pressure?

My morning:

*Let The Boy eat cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

*Cinnamon rolls + 21 month old boy = icky, sticky, eewy, gooey mess.

*Removed pj's from icky, sticky, eewy, gooey mess of a boy on the spot, removed boy from the high chair and went to get him some clothes.

*Returned to find The Boy running around buck naked, wet diaper thrown over the baby gate onto the stairs.

*Got The Boy re-dressed, and cleaned up cinnamon roll mess in the kitchen.

*Walked into the toyroom where The Boy was playing with Daycare Girl, and found The Boy standing in the Little Tikes grocery cart. Fine idea!!

*Smelled a giant stink.

*Investigated and found giant stink to be coming from The Boy's diaper.

*Started changing the diaper. GROSS! Messy, stinky, eeeewww!

*Got poop on the comforter of the bed where I was changing him.

*Phone starts ringing.

*Captain Obvious Daycare Girl starts screaming, "Phone ring! Phone ring! Phone ring!"

*Let the phone ring while attempting to clean up The Boy.

*Pink cell phone starts to ring.

*Captain Obvious Daycare Girl starts screaming, "Pink! Pink! Pink!"

*Finished up with The Boy, found cell phone, saw it was my mother who called.

*Walked back into toyroom while calling her back to find The Boy standing in the grocery cart AGAIN.

*Broke up numerous tiffs between The Boy and Daycare Girl.

*Broke up numerous tiffs between Daycare Girl and Nana's dog who I was dog sitting while she had my girls in another state for Thanksgiving.

*Wiped The Boy's nose 5,687 times.

*Made lunch for The Boy and The Girl. And the dog.

*Enjoyed a moment's peace.

*Went to change The Girl's diaper after lunch.

*Finished with girl, and found The Boy on his hands and knees lapping up water from the dog's dish.

*Changed The Boy's clothes again.

*Put the kids to bed, walked the dog, put the dog and his bed in the bathroom.

*Breathed a sigh of relief.


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