Thursday, March 25, 2010

I WON! And an Announcement

Sami at Sailor & Company hosts a new blog carnival/photo contest called Raw(e). The idea is to post a completely unedited picture to go along with the theme of the week. Last week's theme was 'Distractions'. My original post explaining why I have been distracted by fear is here. I backdated my post because my children hadn't been told of our situation, but thanks to a brother and sister-in-law and their 14 year old son, my kids now know! It's okay, I still love them, but I don't know that I'll be sharing secrets with them any time soon!

Now that the contest is over, I did go back and do a little editing. I decided I needed to blur my last name and the name of my doctor because Hello? TMI for the internet world!

I've also been hesitant to make this announcement because I know there is one person who reads my blog who might be a little hurt and upset when she reads this. Erica, I am so sorry. Please know I would give anything for you to be right here with me. Well, not the fear part, but you know what I mean.

So, Sami (or Sami's dad) chose my picture as the winner last week. I could not be more thrilled. Not only did I win a $50 gift certificate to
The Vintage Pearl (and believe me, I will agonize for days over what I want to order), but the comments I received both on my original post and on Sami's post have been so encouraging. I am touched beyond words.


(Erica) Rebel With.A.Cause said...

Oh sweetie, I can't be upset, that is amazing!!!! I love the picture, and that was an awesome way to share it!!!

Congrats and hang in there... I totally get the fear, but if you need anything just let me know!!!


Karrie said...

Beautiful! Breathtaking! What a fabulous debut! Blessings to you and your newest addition!

MamaBear said...

Thinking of you tonight on the eve of a very big day.


Kristine said...

Love it! And CONGRATS!!!