Monday, July 12, 2010

Not Me Monday - Preggo Brain Edition

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

I did not promise weekly summer vacation posts a month ago.  I do not have any issues with getting my creative juices flowing these days.

I did not take my newly nine year old daughter to the doctor across town for her well visit, only to be told I was a full month early.

I did not drive my two year old son to speech therapy this morning, only to realize that hey! it's Monday.  His appointment is Tuesday.

I have not misplaced check books, keys, cell phones, sunglasses, insurance cards, memory card readers, cameras, etc. over the last few weeks. 

I did not feel a little better when my mother-in-law lost her cell phone and found it the shoe rack in her closet or when, ten minutes after finding her cell phone, she locked her keys in her car.  

I am not at all stressed out that my daughter will be born in two months, and still has no name. 

I do not have any other potential life changes lurking in my future.  Uncertainty does not stress me out at all.

I do not think I need a new brain.  Or a nap. 

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Natasha said...

Sounds like you do have pregnancy brain! When pregnant with my third child, I thought I was losing my mind. Some one told me, "this kid will be smart because you are losing your brain cells!" Hope all goes well with the rest of your pregnancy!

The Lucky Mama said...

I too have the pregnancy brain. Last month I lost my wallet in the AIR PORT.. yeah can't say that was a happy moment. Pregnant lady walking around in a panic crying her eyes out.. not good. We found it though.

Megan said...

awww... prego brain is the worse! sadly, it does not get any better. i'm fully convinced that when you have a baby, you give a portion of your brain cell to them. that's why it gets worse with each new baby!

It's Not Me Monday at the blog!

Mommy2Four said...

Oh, I so do not long for the days of pregnancy brain!

.....though, there are days I wonder if I ever recovered from it completely......

Thanks for sharing!

Pajama Mama said...

I'm not pregnant. Just 42. It's the only explanation for the reason we left the pool in time to take boy to taekwando yesterday...Only for me to get home 3 minutes later and totally forget about tkd.