Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

The first day of school for my girls was August 18th. I am just now getting around to posting their obligatory first day of school picture in front of the door because life just got in the way. It's not the greatest picture, but aren't they cute?

They are old hats at this school stuff at this point. We got to school, and I said we would walk Sweetpea to her room first. She was walking waaaay ahead of us. I finally asked her if she even wanted us to walk with her. Her response was, "Not really." It was hot, we didn't have the stroller, Little Man is heavy. So, we didn't.

The Princess had me walk her into her room to her desk. She got instructions from her teacher as to where to put her backpack and lunch box. She hugged us goodbye. That was it. No tears. No fear. Just goodbye.

And yes, Sweetpea's shirt does read, "My Dad Rocks". And yes, they did have "My Mom Rocks" shirts right beside those in the store, but she wanted that one.

Maybe they should have one that reads, "My Mom Makes Me Clean My Room and Do My Homework". Then we'd be in business!


Brandi said...

so sweet :) I *think* you rock!

Pajama Mama said...

Toooooo Cute!!