Friday, September 26, 2008

Favorite Flashback Foto Friday

I've realized that when I get a good photo these days, I either blog about it, post it on a message board, email it, or all of the above. So, for now at least, my Foto Friday will contain favorite photos from the past. This week's photo was taken on a field trip with Ashlyn's class to see the Arabian Knights. All of the 5th grade classes in the county read The Black Stallion, and then some of the schools went on this field trip. Our seats were pretty far up, and I wasn't sure I could get any good pictures from that far away. I hadn't had my camera very long and hadn't played with it enough to know exactly what it would do. I didn't get very many good pictures that day, but I absolutely loved how these turned out.

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Pajama Mama said...

I like em! I want to do Flashback Friday!!