Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Festival

Our town's annual Fall Festival was this weekend. I think I sort of got conned into going by my eldest. Once we got there, she immediately took my cell phone, called her friend, who was already there, told said friend to come find us, and said friend then ended up in our car and back at our house for the afternoon.

Anywho, the festival was.....well, like any festival. Lots of food, crafts, entertainment. We weren't there long as we had no money to spend and had eaten before we left home. But after we left, we went across the street to the church Pumpkin Patch. We didn't actually purchase a pumpkin because this being Florida, if you buy and carve a pumpkin this early in October, you end up with a big ball of moldy, fuzzy pumpkin goo by the time Halloween rolls around. What we did manage to get was some super cute pictures of some super cute kids.

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