Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday

It's Monday again already? Time to fess up, I guess.
I did not miss my girls at all while they were on their week long Thanksgiving trip with their Nana, and I did not feel a twinge of guilt when I realized that the main thing I missed was the way they help out with their little brother.
I did not spend a large portion of the week cleaning their room from top to bottom, and I most definitely did not find Valentine candy under the bed. I could not have found that because, well....eewwww.
My heart did not melt when they got home, and the Princess ran in announcing that she got to hold her brother first only to burst into tears when she realized he was already in bed for the night.
I am not completely proud of my oldest child for deciding the red dress hanging in her closet will be perfect for her school dance instead of insisting that we go shopping for a new one.
I am not finding it more and more difficult to get anything done due to the sudden mobility of my son. He is not pulling anything and everything he can reach onto the floor. He is not finding anything on the floor to put in his mouth. Nope, he couldn't possibly. My floor is spotless. I did not, while still pregnant with the Little Man, warn is daddy that he would most likely be a bundle of energy and into everything based on how active he was at the time. The nurses who saw him while he was on the bilirubin lights in the nursery did not ask me how I managed to carry him without having a puncture wound in a vital organ because he was never still.
I did not procrastinate writing this Not Me Monday post until Monday is almost over. Lots of other people really did not procrastinate like I did. Go check out their posts over at MckMama.
Oh, and by the way, I'm still not frustrated with my bloggy spacing issues.

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Pajama Mama said...

Valentine Candy under the bed!!! I found some I hid in my bedside drawer. hhahahaha.