Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Me! Monday

MckMama is taking a break from her Not Me! Monday post this week. She is actually at the hospital with MckMuffin right now. He has a bad cold and accelerated heart rate. You can read about it over on her blog. And please pray for that sweet baby!

I'm taking a break from the Not Me's to focus a little on what I did do this week.

I did get my Christmas cards in the mail on Saturday, and even though I thought I had missed the Saturday afternoon pick up, the fact that my mom got hers on Monday makes me think they threw in an extra pick up just for perpetually late people like me. I also managed to lose my precious pink cell phone somewhere in the mad dash to get to the post office.

I did manage to fulfill my dream of not needing to leave my house on Christmas Eve until it was time to go to church. Of course, this was aided by the fact that I was stranded at home with no car, and my father-in-law had to pick me and the kiddos up to take us to church, but even if I had not been stranded, I still would not have had to leave the house. The Princess did spend part of Christmas Eve watching that timeless Christmas classic, Tremors 3: Back to Perfection, staring Michael Gross, aka Alex P. Keaton's dad on Family Ties. All the gifts were purchased, all the gifts were wrapped and placed under the tree. All the candy was made. All was right with the world.

I did survive a very low budget Christmas without feeling that my children were completely disappointed. They had a great time with all their cousins, and got most of what they asked for. Of course, they have spent most of the last few days playing with the $10 Pixos they got from their aunt, and the $2 PlayDoh they got from Santa, which makes me glad I didn't spring for any of the more expensive stuff I would have probably purchased had I actually had any money to spare.

I did get a massive migraine sometime late on Christmas Day. There is something about being in a room with 10 kids all twelve years old or younger, all hopped up on cookies and cake and candy and the excitement of all being together and, you know, PRESENTS! that does not equal calm, peaceful Christmas bliss.

I did get to spend a full day with my bff. We drank coffee, ate pigs in a blanket, and talked all day. It was wonderful, and somehow while at her house, my migraine magically went away.

The Princess did find my precious pink cell phone today. She is now my favorite child!

I do have an amazing family. I have great kids who are happy and healthy and smart and funny and just plain cool. What more could I ask for?

I will post Christmas pictures later when I have a chance to upload them!!

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