Friday, February 6, 2009

Only in Florida

Only in Florida can you find beautiful spring flowers blooming in your back yard.

And this in your front yard:

That's ICE people! In my Florida yard! Sadly, it's always sunny here when it's this cold. We would all enjoy snow for a few minutes, which I'm sure is the longest it would last if it did manage to snow here. I mean, it is going to reach close to 60 degrees later today, and back up into the 70's tomorrow!


Mama Sheids said...

again I say this with all the love in my heart "Bite Me baby!" ;)

on a good note, it may not be warm here...but my dear the sun is shining. Miley and I dropped sissy off at school and headed to the carwash to wash the Sheid~Mobile. To which Miley replied her famous reply as the hard water hoses pounded on the roof og the SM "Oh NO!"

Mama Sheids said...

okay...thats embaressing! I saw the first picture and made a comment without reading the rest..yeah I'm a tool!

Tutu said...

It's still NOTHING compared to the cold you've got going on!