Saturday, April 4, 2009

How to Impress a Princess

There are many ways you can try to impress a seven year old Princess:

Volunteer to be room mom for her second grade class? Nope

Agree to be cookie mom for her Brownie troop?

Drag her feverish, cranky, ready for a nap baby brother to two different stores so she'll be sure to have "cool" stuff in her Easter eggs at school? Not so much

Be in charge of her class party because her teacher took the day off to go to Disney? Zilch

Hide 168 Easter eggs for her class?
No way

Help her and her friends find 164 eggs (yeah, I don't know what happened)? Nothing

Get phone call from
MckMama during the egg hunt? BINGO!!!

Why was MckMama calling me, you ask? Well when I heard through the grapevine, and by grapevine, I mean
Mama Bear, (Hi, Mama Bear!) that MckMama was in search of some help in uploading the MANY entries for Stellan's Name Gallery that her wolverines faithful prayer warriors have emailed, I jumped at the chance to help her out.

Do I know MckMama? No.

Will I ever meet her in real life? Probably not.

She's in the Frozen Tundra. I'm in the Sunny South.

But I have been reading her blog every day for months. I have prayed for her and her family, and most especially for Stellan. With about a 23 hour drive from here to there, it's not like I could whip up a chicken & rice casserole and a batch of Fat Man's Delight to drop off for her family. Not that she would allow her kids to eat Fat Man's Delight because it's not exactly health food, but it is oh so good. We Southerners tend to deal with hard times by cooking and baking and practically forcing people to eat. So, because I can't really do that in this instance, helping with the name gallery at least lets me feel like I am doing something.

So, MckMama called me during the egg hunt to let me know how to get started. Here's the conversation with the Princess that followed that phone call:

Princess: Who was that?

Me: MckMama

Princess: Who?

Me: Stellan's mom.

Princess: jaw dropped, gasped, wide eyed.....she turned to her friend
Does your mom know about Stellan?

Friend: No

Princess: look of frustration and exasperation mixed with 'you must live in a cave with no internet access'
she proceeded to tell a very condensed seven year old version of Stellan's story
ending with:

"And his mom just called MY mom.......and she's like sorta famous!"

I have to admit it was a little surreal for me to be hearing MckMama's real voice, not just the voice I have in my head when I'm reading her posts. But the look on my daughter's face and the pride in her voice was priceless.


Anonymous said...

Awww, so sweet. Tell your Princess "Hi!" for me!

It was nice talking with you and hearing your lovely Southern voice;) And THANK YOU so much for uploading photos for me.

And for answering my phone call:)


Shawna said...

Awww, Susan. That is so cool! Thanks for making her day, MckMama. :) There is nothing like actually pleasing your children and having them think you are cool by association, if only for a fleeting moment. Good luck getting the pictures uploaded! I'm sure there are tons.

Trish said...

How cool!! For you, Mckmama, and for the princess.
Can't wait to see more new pics of Stellan around the world. :)

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

How cool. It cracks me up how much alike we are cuz I had totally intended to extend the offer as well and am not sure where I got side tracked. But love the story and that the girls are caring about Stellan too!!!

our family said...

Great story and good giggle! Thanks for the help you are giving so we can all see Stellans many many pictures!