Monday, April 6, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I wasn't planning to post a Not Me! Monday today because I know MckMama is busy consulting with cariologists and electrophysiologists. However, Lisa decided to host Not Me! this week, so I'll join in. After all, a little brutal honesty is good for the soul.

First of all, Lisa, I do NOT have a secret either! (Nanny nanny boo boo!) And I do NOT think that since we seem to think the same thoughts on occasion, an email may be in order to make sure we don't have the same secret!

My Princess did NOT spend Friday night, all day Saturday, Saturday night and all day Sunday with her Nana. Nana did NOT pick her up this morning to take her shopping, and they did NOT call a little while later to inform me that the Princess wants to spend tonight with her too. I do NOT think that given the choice, she would choose to live with Nana and only visit us occasionally when she misses her baby brother a little too much.

The Sweetpea did NOT wake up sick again today and miss out on the Nana shopping trip. She did NOT say she thought the extreme nausea and pounding headache were probably because she didn't get enough sleep. Then again, she ONLY got nine hours, so maybe she's right.

I have NOT uploaded 106 photos to Stellan's Name Gallery over the last four days. Seriously, how would I know the exact number unless I had developed some sort of MckMama related OCD? We all know that I do NOT have the tendency to become obsessed about anything. I do NOT feel beyond honored to be able to help MckMama out in this way, and I have NOT been blown away by the amount of love, support and prayers she is receiving.

I did NOT accidentally comment on Shawna's blog while signed in as MckMama! I do NOT feel that I let MckMama down a little by not being more careful. Nor do I know that Shawna was sadly disappointed to realize it was only me and not MckMama who commented!!

Finally, I am NOT hoping and praying that Stellan's new electrophysiwhatzit Rock Star Doctor can "fix" him from afar. And if he can't, then I am NOT hoping that Stellan will be moved somewhere within driving distance so that I can meet MckMama face to face and give her a hug.


Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

LOL, As right as you are about us being on the same wavelength so often, we're safe this time, unless your secret has something to do with MY family. Can't wait to learn your secret now though...something else I should have thought of apparently.

I will have to head over to the name gallery tomorrow to admire your adds if I'm having a better day. Today I can't handle anymore tears, even if they're happy/amazed tears. (I'm having issue with the upcoming holiday and not being able to spend it with my mom knowing there may not be another)

Gracie said...

WHAT a secret???? Tell me tell me tell me! Please?????

Shawna said...

I was not the least bit disappointed that the comment was from you and not MckMama. I wouldn't be any more excited to have one from her than from you.

I really just thought it was going to be about the song coincidence. I had left Angie a comment about how the song made me think of her and MckMama. I thought maybe they had come to read it. But I'm so glad you came by. :)

Did you come across my name submission? It's a TV screen with Bob the Tomato.