Monday, April 13, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I know MckMama isn't Not Me!ing this week, and I haven't seen a Mr. Linky yet, but I do have some stuff to NOT confess, so I'm going ahead with my Monday post!

I did NOT feed my son left over mashed potatoes for breakfast Friday morning. I always keep a fully stocked pantry (ok, I don't have an actual pantry, but you know what I mean) and would never have to resort to such measures just to make sure he was nice and full before heading off to the beach!

I did NOT share a cinnamon roll with that same little boy this morning for breakfast. I am a health nut, why would I even have a cinnamon roll in my house?

I did NOT wake up on Easter Sunday with a migraine! I do NOT still have the migraine and have NOT vowed to just tough this one out because I am too cheap to go get my prescription for migraine medication filled. It does NOT only work half the time anyway.

I did NOT take a Vicodin (a parting gift from my sadistic oral surgeon) last night so that I could sleep through said migraine! I did NOT wake up at one point and literally feel like I was floating. I could NOT still feel the headache through the Vicodin. The floaty feeling did NOT make me not care that I was still in pain!

I do NOT get a little excited when I see new Stellan name photos in my in box! I did NOT travel to Ireland, The Grand Canyon, and Daytona Beach with Stellan this morning!

I do NOT think my kids looked absolutely adorable in their Easter get-ups yesterday.

This is NOT the only half way decent photo I have because my camera did NOT die yesterday morning. If my camera had died, I would NOT have felt like I had lost a member of the family. It is just a thing. It can be replaced, and I have NOT already thought of pulling it out four different times today.

Your turn! What did you NOT do this week?


Shawna said...

You have a lot of NOTs! So many that I have forgotten all the things I wanted to comment on.

Mashed potatoes are a great breakfast food...or anything other time. Always great for a baby in a pinch. :)

Darling Easter pic of the kids; I didn't take a single picture, and it was great. I take too many and miss out on just having fun sometimes.

Have you tried Excedrin Migraine? They work well for me.

I had a cinnamon roll today too...all by myself, though. :)

Pajama Mama said...

You are NOT a health nut.

Luke is absolutely the cutest Lukeypie I've ever laideyesoninthiswholeentireworld!

I am glad you got at least one picture...and it's a great one. Pretty pretty kids.

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

oh my gosh, the girls...when did they get sooo grown up looking??? a great lookin group!!!!