Thursday, July 23, 2009

Alphabitty Moments - The Letters U & V

Welcome to Alphabitty Moments! This blog carnival was created by MamaBear at 4 The Love of Family as a fun way to document the little things taking place in our lives.

We were on vacation last week, so I'm playing catch up.

Last week was the letter 'U'.

**Warning** Gooey pictures ahead.

I chose to use Umbilical Cord for my letter U. When Little Man was born, the cord was around his neck twice. The parts of him that weren't deathly pale, were purple. My pregnant 17 year old niece was in the labor room with us, and she told me later she really thought he was dead. She was trying to decide what to say to me when I realized my baby had died!!

That same niece was also my photographer for the day. She took some great, although rather graphic, photos that I just love. I cropped some of those to post here today. I know there are parts of me that don't need to be put on the internet for the world to see. Although I did struggle for a letter 'V'......KIDDING!!

Notice how his skin and the doctor's glove are the same color, and how his little ear is purple! And there's a little of that pesky cord wrapped around his knee. That last picture is when the nurse was trying to get him to cry so he would "pink up".

Like I said, I did struggle to come up with something for the letter 'V', then I said, "What the heck, we were just on vacation. I love vacation." So vacation it is. I realized after I made my collage, that I had used some of the same pictures from 'O' for ocean, so I had to edit a little! I also realized that we love the beach so much, I could have used it for 'B' (beach), 'O' (ocean), 'S' (sand & sun), 'W' (water). You get the drift!

Now I'm heading to the
campground to catch up on what I missed over there!


MamaBear said...

What a story to tell him someday!
Wow! We only have a couple of pictures of Julia when she was first born and NONE of Sam. *sigh* Neither of us wanted anyone else in the room with us so we missed out on some pics.

Kate said...

Great things for those letters! Great pictures of your son being born. I am glad everything turned out okay!


I loved the pics:)Beautiful. I have birth pics of all of my babies. Hope you are great. Blessings,


Just checking in to say Hi. Hope you have a great week. Hope you were able to get the freebies I posted. Blessings,