Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alphabitty Moments - The Letters O & P

Alphabitty Moments is a blog carnival hosted by MamaBear at 4 The Love of Family. It's a reminder to savor the little moments....they'll be gone before you know it.

I never got around to posting my Alphabitty Moments post last week due to all the coughing and the chills and the fever and the desire to just be able to breathe like a normal person again, so I have to catch up by posting two letters this week.

I know the ocean is most definitely not "bitty", but I just had to use ocean for my 'O' word. We live about 40 minutes from the beach, and we try to get there as often as possible. With Little Man being so little last summer, we didn't get there too much, but I have high hopes for many weekend days by the ocean this summer.

'P' was a no brainer for me. Pacifiers! All of my children have been paci lovers, and the Boy is no exception. I noticed the other day as I was photographing him, that I always either take the paci out or ask someone else to take it out. So, we had a photo shoot in the driveway with the paci's in. I tried to put them in a pile and get a shot of just the pacifiers, but as you can see, he didn't agree with that plan. He doesn't always have one in his mouth and one in each hand; however, he does like to have at least two when he goes to sleep.

Now head over to 4 The Love of Family to see what everyone else came up with this week.


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Ocean is a great O. Love the pacifiers too. Nice photos.

Kristine said...