Thursday, August 6, 2009

Alphabitty Moments - The Letters W & X

Ok, so I got behind again. Oh, well.

Last week was the letter 'W'. I considered using 'Water', but I think the pool/beach thing has been overdone here. Plus, I'm still working on a catch up post of some of our summer activities, so I'll save those for that post.

I chose 'W for Watermelon'. My little sister and her family came to visit a few weeks ago. I had asked her to bring me some watermelons. Her father in law grows some really yummy seedless watermelons, but they were all gone. So, she went to my Daddy and asked him if he could get some. My Daddy never does anything just a little bit. If you ask him for some corn, he'll fill up the back of his truck. If you ask for a few tomatoes, he'll get at least one full five gallon bucket. So, when we asked for watermelons, we got watermelons on steroids. Four of them. Seriously, they were the biggest watermelons I have ever seen. And my Little Man loved them. Even if he does look terrified in this picture.

All those bowls came from that ONE watermelon, and the big bowl in the middle? We filled it up, ate it all, and filled it again. That's right, SIX bowls from ONE watermelon!

This week is the letter 'X'. 'X' is a tough one. I got lazy. I wanted something cute and unique, but my head hurts, and I have a little four year old girl here who will not stop talking. So, I just went through my photos, found some of my favorite pictures I haven't used yet, and eXtra special it is. Little Man really is eXtra special. He's just so stinking cute.

And now I'm heading over to visit MamaBear at 4 The Love of Family to check out other Alphabitty Moments!


MamaBear said...

He IS extra special :) And besides, unless you have a special memory of a xylophone - we HAD to get creative this week!

That watermelon looks amazing!!!

mom24boys said...

I LOVE LOVE your watermelon layout!