Friday, August 14, 2009

Ketchup Catch Up

Pour yourself a drink and prop up your feet. This might take a while!

I have wanted to post about a few things over the last month or so, but just haven't taken the time to actually
do it. So, this post will be a little random and ketchupy.


this post from about a year ago. The post in which I wondered how long it will take before all ten cousins cooperate in getting a good 4th of July group shot? Well, apparently it will be a few more years!

We spent the 4th in Smalltown, Georgia with my family. There was wonderful food. Ribs and chicken cooked all day by my
little brother. Corn on the cob picked by my Daddy that very morning. Fresh watermelon, cantaloupe, blueberries, tomatoes. Homemade peach ice cream. My Mama's potato salad. Butterbeans. Peas. Baked beans. My sister's homemade brownies. Yum!

The little ones especially loved the corn on the cob.

(Some of these photos were taken by my older sister.)

The uncooperative cousins had a great time together after their mama's gave up on the group photo. They rode on the 4 wheeler, they played volleyball, they played on the tire swing, they played on the Slip & Slide. Meanwhile, the mamas sat in the shade and fanned gnats with those old fashioned church fans with Jesus on one side and an advertisement on the other. Oh, and some of us drank Mike's Hard Lemonade as we fanned. Not sure what Jesus thought of the lemonade, but it was HOT!

big cool kids who "don't slip or slide."

Of course, they were also inside, with the a/c. Maybe I should try to be a cool kid. And why does she have a Jesus fan when she's inside with the a/c and
no gnats?

At about a quarter 'til dark, we loaded up and headed into town to the high school to watch fireworks. It was too dry there for us to be allowed to shoot off our own fireworks this year. Actually, Mama hasn't allowed that since the Great Fire of 2006, but that's another story altogether, and I still maintain it wasn't
all my fault!

I love that I have such a tight knit family, and I love that my kids have so many wonderful cousins to spend times like these with.


A week after we returned from Georgia, we went on vacation.

It was so nice to be holed up with just my little family for a whole week. We had a blast in the:

and on the beach.

The Little Man has no fear of the pool, which is why there are no pictures of him in the pool! He wouldn't jump in unless he thought no one was paying any attention to him. We had to pretend to not be watching, then catch him after he jumped.

He does have a healthy fear of the ocean. He would walk out ankle deep, but when a wave came he would run back to Mommy!

His favorite thing to do on the beach was to walk to the tire tracks where the cars had been driving by. He would walk back and forth, climbing across the tracks. You know, the most dangerous place he could possible be and also the farthest from the water that kept his parents from sweating half to death.

And he still enjoys eating sand. Yum?

The Florida cousins came out to spend one day with us. They spent the night and kept Little Man so we could take the girls to see the new Harry Potter movie. My kids adore all eleven of their cousins. That makes me happy! So do little sandy baby girl feet!

We saw a school of small fish, which was cool, but a little scary. Small fish are eaten by big fish, so I had to wonder what chased all those fish so close to shore. We actually swam with dolphins, which was
very cool.

We did have a little bad weather to contend with. You know, the usual afternoon thunderstorms that are almost a daily occurrence here in Florida.

But, when afternoon thunderstorms are followed by rainbows and gorgeous sunsets, it's well worth it.


And in other news.

Using an old box of hair dye is not a great idea. Not because of what the dye might do to your hair, but because old plastic bottles apparently crack very easily.

Hair dye can also be used as carpet dye and wall paint!


If you ever have a desire to remove all the skin from your knees, just ask my eight year old how to use a treadmill in order to accomplish that lovely task.

(Picture made small for your protection!)


And finally, I seem to be slightly obsessed with my daughter's eyes and photo editing.


And now a
link to Carrie's Campground because, isn't that what I'm supposed to do when I post to my blog?


And now you are all ketched-up. You may go on with your day.


MamaBear said...

Thanks for the catch up! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach picture of the little girl bending down in the sand and those big brown eyes of Little Man's? BEAUTIFUL!!!!


I love all the pics. You always take awesome pics:) Hope you have a great day. Blessings,