Thursday, June 3, 2010

His Guardian Angel Has A Tough Job

My son is always on the go.  It is very rare that he actually sits still, and if he ever gets quiet, I know it's time to worry.

I have called poison control twice in the last two weeks.  I'm expecting a visit from Children and Family Services any day now.

He got his very first black eye last weekend.  He was chasing his sister, Nana's dog was chasing him.  I didn't actually see what happened, but knowing what I know of my son, I have a pretty good idea.  He was looking back at the dog, Spike, and turned around just in time to hit the corner of the wall.

Now when we mention Spike, he grabs his cheek and says, "Wall, cheek, booboo."

The first picture was taken on day three, the second on day five.  His booboo hasn't slowed him down even a little.

Yep, his guardian angel has a tough job.  And so does his mom!

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Shawna said...

Poor little (handsome) man! I think Kaya must have more than one angel watching over her.