Friday, March 20, 2009

A Few Things

1. This is my Princess at her Brownie troop's Famous Women Tea Party. All the Brownies dressed up as famous women in sports and then read three clues to a group of teachers who had to guess who they were portraying.

Can you guess who she is?

**She's the youngest woman to win an indivual Olympic gold medal.
**She won her gold medal in 1998.
**She was the first woman to perform a triple loop/triple loop in competition.

Funniest moment at the tea: A Daisy troop was also there, and they were dressed as fairy princesses, Disney characters and characters from Barbie movies. One little girl's clue was that her name is a compound word. The Princess' friend, Lilly, yelled out, "Compound Chicken!".

2. Thanks to Boomama, I am completely obsessed with March Madness and can't stop checking basketball scores to see how my bracket is holding up. So far my record is 22 - 2! Which is better than the Hubby is doing, so yeah me!

3. How does one sit in a high chair with a tray and still manage to get oatmeal on one's toes?

4. How much do I love these curls? And that spot on his neck just under the curls? I could just eat it up!


Pajama Mama said...

I love the curls!!

Shawna said...

Oh boy, baby hair is scrumptious, isn't it? I can't stop playing with Jordan's. It's so soft and wavy. Love it! Kaya will hardly let me touch hers anymore. :(