Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How To Catch a Leprechaun!

My Daddy's birthday is today. Yes, he's the largest leprechaun on record. Anyway, in honor of his birthday, we make a big deal about St. Patrick's Day at my house. On top of that, the director at the preschool my girls both attended has a birthday today too, so St. Patty's Day was always a big deal there. Sean the Leprechaun visits the school every year, and the kids build traps to try to catch him. Leprechauns are very quick and sneaky, so they are hard to capture. It never fails that while they are outside or at lunch or chapel, Sean makes it into their room. He leaves "gold" pieces on the floor, moves backpacks from one cubby to another, turns chairs upside down and just generally leaves a royal mess.

My girls aren't in preschool anymore, but one of my home daycare kids attends the same school. After school yesterday, all he wanted to do was build a leprechaun trap. Now, at first they insisted that to build a trap, you needed to be inside with scissors, paper, glue and glitter. "Someone" managed to convince them that leprechauns might be easier to catch outside. They spent the entire afternoon outside building traps.

First, you have to have something to lure your leprechaun into the trap. As leprechauns are known to be quite greedy, jewels or gold are a good choice.

Next, you need some way to actually capture the leprechaun. When he goes in for the jewels, he'll hit the stick, knocking the bowl on top of himself.

I don't know what the overturned chair is for. I'll have to consult with the architects when they get home today.

It almost worked. Notice how the bowl is overturned. According the Princess, who was lead architect on this project, he must have been a rather strong leprechaun because obviously, he was under the bowl at one point, but must have flipped it off.

I did manage to catch my own little leprechaun!

It wasn't easy! He's pretty quick and sneaky himself!


Crystal said...

lol! Smart convincing them to go outside with the trap making :-P and very cute pics!

Pajama Mama said...

I LOVED THIS POST!!! You caught your own leprechaun...Awww. I loved it.

And where did those awesome jewels come from! Love them.

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

cute cute.