Sunday, June 28, 2009

Missing Child Alert

Has anyone seen this sparkly, glittery, pink and purple loving, tiara wearing, Princess of a little girl?

Someone came in the night and took her. She was replaced with this child.

This new big girl who lives in my house likes to catch frogs and get dirty. New Girl looked at me like I had two heads when I suggested Paint On Pottery or a dress up party for her 8th birthday. She chose instead to take her friends to Jungle Quest.

New Girl seems to enjoy rock climbing.

To dizzying heights.

She enjoys zipping on zip lines and flipping upside down high above the concrete floor (with no padding, I might add)!

Her bravery even influenced her more cautious sister.

In all seriousness, Jungle Quest was a lot of fun. The girls all had a great time. They also decided, after wearing that harness for 90 minutes, that they are glad they are girls, if you get my drift!

Little Man (my replacement baby since the others are so big now) was along for the ride. He's too little for the rock climbing and zip lining, but he did have fun in the toddler section.

The Daddy was there too.
Yes, he is wearing plaid shorts with a striped shirt.
No, I did not notice his outfit until after we were in the car, and it was too late to suggest he change.
Yes, I have considered writing a letter to
Stacy and Clinton, but the idea of him having a new $5000 wardrobe while I continue to dress myself from the clearance racks at Target changed my mind!

And yes, I know it looks like he drugged my baby or at least slipped him some tequila in his sippy cup!

After Jungle Quest, we headed home for pizza, cake, ice cream and gifts.

Then the kids headed outside to play on the new Slip 'N Slide. Can anyone explain to me why I was more worried about someone getting hurt on the Slip 'N Slide than I was about someone falling to her death from the zip line?

So, yes, my little pink and purple sparkly princess is missing, but she has been replaced by a pretty cool kid. A big eight year old girl who likes to catch frogs, loves animals of all kinds, loves to help me cook, hates to brush her hair, still likes to wear dresses on occasion and still loves to snuggle with her mama.

I guess it's a fair trade.


Kristine said...

Aww, love the pics! She is brave, lol!

Pajama Mama said...

Growing up. I really love the last shot of her. And love your collage ones of the 4 and the three. You'll have to tell me how you did it.

Kristine said...

Oh, the last one is absolutely gorgeous!

Gracie said...

she's gorgeous! Good Job Momma!

brandi said...

YAY. I see the daddy! :)