Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Eve 2009

I promise I'll get through all my Christmas posts before Easter!

Every year, one of my hopes for the Christmas season is to be able to spend Christmas Eve day at home with my kids with nothing to do other than making candy and cookies, watching Christmas movies on tv and getting ready for church.

What actually happens at my house on Christmas Eve day? I spend most of the day rushing to get laundry done so we can pack for our trip to Georgia.

I guess it's good to have traditions.

This year was no exception to my normal Christmas Eve laundryfest.

I also put together a cheese danish to take to breakfast at Nana's house on Christmas morning, and a sweet potato souffle for dinner. Yes, we're all about low fat, healthy dishes throughout the Christmas season.....NOT!

The one thing that absolutely has to be finished before we head off to church and dinner at Nana's is that the Martha Washington Balls we make for my daddy every year must be finished. There have been Christmases in the past where I have stayed up half the night dipping candy into chocolate. That will never happen again.

Of course, now that I have two very capable helpers, the candy making job has become much easier. The recipe produces about 150 balls, which then have to be dipped into hot melted chocolate with toothpicks. Well, except for the ones we save out for my brother who doesn't like chocolate. I KNOW! This year, I think I only rolled about 20 balls, and I probably dipped fewer than that. Woohoo for helpful kiddos!

We usually attend the early, family oriented Christmas Eve service. This year, we sat right behind Nana and Papa. Little Man spent the entire service saying, "Nana, Papa, Nana, Papa, Nana, Papa" and pointing to their heads.

After the service is over, we head back to Nana and Papa's house for Christmas Eve dinner. The hubby had to work until 7:00, and then had about an hour drive, so we ate late. Before he got there, I attempted to get a picture of our three rug rats, who weren't exactly dressed in their best Christmas apparel. No matter, I never got a good picture anyway!

After dinner, we head home, put out a bowl of reindeer food for Santa's reindeer and a plate of cookies and milk for Santa. Our reindeer food is normally made of oatmeal and glitter. This year we were out of both. We realized colored sugar might be easier on a reindeer's digestive tract than glitter, and also decided that they might get tired of oatmeal, but Rice Krispies might be a nice change of pace. Judging by the almost empty bowl we found the next morning, I think we are on to something!

The Tween Queen wants to start a new tradition where she reads "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to her siblings.

Things started off great, and
oh so sweet, but soon after this picture was taken, both the Little Man and the Princess got bored and abandoned their big sister. She was not deterred. She finished reading to her mom and dad.

After the kids are snuggled all warm in their beds, I turn on "A Christmas Story" and wrap gifts. I didn't wrap a single gift early this year because I knew the Little Man would rip them open.

Here's hoping next year I'll have the sense to get the laundry done early so I can be a little less stressed on Christmas Eve day!!

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