Saturday, January 2, 2010


When our 15 year anniversary rolled around on December 10th, my husband told me I could pick anywhere I wanted for our dinner out. I picked the place that used to have the very best martinis. I usually get an appletini (or two) with dinner, and a chocolate martini for dessert. And I usually fall asleep on the drive home. Unfortunately, they had new bartenders or new recipes or something, because the martinis were not good. The food, however, was great. We went to see The Blind Side after dinner, and it was wonderful. And we were without kids for the entire night, which was heavenly.

On New Year's Eve, I decided to try to make my own martini, and the result was yummolicious.

In a martini shaker filled with ice, combine the following:

1 shot of pineapple juice
2 shots of Rose's Cocktail Infusions (Sour Apple flavor)

Give your shaker a few good shakes.
Strain the yummy green goodness into a martini glass.

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