Sunday, January 3, 2010

Top 10 of 2009

The beginning of a new year always brings year in review tv shows and newspaper and magazine articles.

I guess all the reviewing made me a little curious, and as the whole reason for this blog is to help me remember the things our family does together and the funny things my kids say and do, I took a little trip down memory lane and made a list of my favorite posts of 2009. Plus, who doesn't love a good list?

1. "If You Give A Mom A Muffin" I have so many days like the one I described in that post!

2. "Family Game Night" My sweet little book smart, no common sense Princess. She keeps us laughing!

3. "Not Me! Monday: Dr. Seuss Style" I had so much fun writing that post, and I really did speak in rhyme for days on end. That is still Little Man's favorite book.

4. "A Little About Football" I still love UGA football, and watching it brings out a competitive side in me that rarely shows it's head. Even though this season wasn't great, I saw improvments in the running game late in the season. UGA has always been a team with a great running game, so I have high hopes for next year. After writing this post, I found out that the referee that made the call that got me up on that soap box, is actually from near my very small hometown. After making another questionable call against Arkansas, his officiating team was suspended. I felt vindicated.

5. "I Faces: I Feet" I still love all the things this picture says to me. I also love the fact that in my post I point out that I did not tint the photo, yet the first commenter mentioned how much she loved my tinting of the photo. I don't always read the posts when I'm looking through entries at I Faces. I think I'll try to do a better job of that!

6. "Missing Child Alert" Just because I love these pictures of my Princess. Also, recently my husband has taken to critiquing outfits he sees on people on tv. Every time he does, I think of his stripe/plaid combo!

7. "Weekend At The Beach" We had such a fun time that weekend! Those pictures under the pier are still some of my favorites I have ever taken.

8. "God's Provision" I am still amazed by how God worked to get that project finished and in MckMama's hands. I am also amazed at the reward of friendship I have gained by offering my services to help MamaBear finish the book. God is awesome.

9. "For Maddie, Miley and Jordan" This was posted exactly a year ago today (or at least a year ago the day I started this post). It's so fun to see how much my Little Man has changed. Maddie, Miley, Jordan and Bryan (who is mentioned in the comments), by the way, are the children of women who became my friends when we were all members of a pregnancy message board. We're still in contact, mostly through our blogs, and I think it would be such a kick if our kids actually met one day.

10. "In Which My Northern Friends Don't Like Me Much" Because I'm cold right now, and honestly, once Christmas is over, I'm ready for warm beach weather!

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Lisa said...

lots of great posts!! thanks for the stroll down memory lane...
is bryan still way bigger? at last check he was tipping the scales at 31 pounds but I can't remember inches but he wears 3 t clothes