Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Big Month For Baby

My sweet baby girl has had some pretty big changes since I last posted.

Her six month well visit was great.  She's growing right on track, weighing in at 15 pounds, 9 ounces (45th percentile) and measuring 26.5 inches (75th percentile).

On her six month birthday, we introduced her to rice cereal.  She had been trying to get her hands on some "solid" food for a while, grabbing at our food, and even reaching past her bottle to try to snag a Samoa from my hand.

I have never seen a baby take to food like she did!  There was never a look of disgust or confusion.  She just opened wide and gulped down every bite!

We have been through almost all of the stage one baby food choices, and so far, there is nothing she doesn't seem to love.

Two weeks ago, she started sitting up on her own.  She's still a little wobbly, and she doesn't get into a sitting position on her own, but she loves to sit up like a big girl.

She is just such a joy of a baby.  She sleeps 12-13 hours most nights, and takes a good 1-2 hour nap twice a day.  She very rarely cries, and when she does it is usually because her big brother has done something to her.

Keeping her eyes on The Boy!



Pajama Mama said...

I love the bloggy makeover!!! So pretty and fun.

Babygirl makes it, though...She makes the blog go beyond pretty and fun to ridiculously precious and adorable.

Karrie said...

She's precious and sounds like an absolute dream!! Love the second to last pic! Her eyes are captivating! And love the new header!!