Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding aka Why I Need a Nap

I remember Charles and Diana's wedding like it was yesterday.  I was thirteen years old.  I don't remember getting up super early to watch the wedding, but I clearly remember seeing coverage throughout the day.

I also have a very vivid memory of sitting on my couch in our condo in the wee hours of the morning and hearing the news of Diana's death.  I was up nursing my then two week old first born baby girl.

That baby girl is now thirteen herself, and this morning, we watched together as Charles and Diana's son married Kate Middleton. 

Both my big girls said they wanted to get up early to watch the ceremony.  I woke them both up at 4:00 am.  The 13 year old asked if the wedding was right then, or if it would be a while.  I honestly didn't know, but told her the DVR was already set.  I think she was asleep again before I made it out of her room.  The nine year old, on the other hand, hopped right out of bed.  Truth be told, I was hoping she would opt for the DVR'd version too.  A few more hours of sleep sounded great to me.

So the two of us turned on the tv and started watching.  We flipped between NBC, ABC and CBS.  CBS was showing clips from Charles and Di's wedding, so that's where we spent most of our time.  We both dozed off a few times, so I set the alarm on my phone so we would be sure to be awake for the ceremony.

Just as Kate arrived at Westminster Abbey and got out of the car, my husband brought Baby Girl in to me.  He said she must have known all the girls were up watching, and she didn't want to miss anything.  My eldest joined us about the same time, watched the ceremony, stood up, said, "Goodnight," and crawled back in her bed. 

The nine year old asked me to please not let her sleep through the kiss.  Later we learned that the kiss wasn't scheduled until 8:25.  Her school starts at 8:20, so she was not happy.  She made me double check the DVR before she left for school.

This is a kid who claims to be a tom boy, not at all a girly girl.  She avoids pink at all costs.  I was pleasantly surprised at her interest in the wedding.

Our observations:

     *Kate's dress was beautiful.  Modest, classic, understated perfection.

     *Pippa's dress was gorgeous.  I wish I had the body to pull that off.

     *Harry's hair looked a little unkempt.

     *I loved how in awe Kate looked when she walked onto the balcony and saw that huge crowd.

     *I loved how both Kate and William kept talking to the little girls on the balcony.

     *I really hope William loosens up a little when they are alone.

     *I think my nine year old may be a little underwhelmed when she watches that kiss later.

All in all, it was a beautiful morning.  I had fun with my three girls.  

By the way, I took the nine year old to school, came home with Baby Girl, watched the kisses on the balcony, got my husband off to work and had him drop the 13 year old off to school, all the while dreaming of a short nap.  As soon as the last two left the driveway, I put Baby Girl to bed, walked out the bedroom door, and The Boy was standing in his doorway waiting to be let out.

There may not be enough caffeine in the free world to keep me in a chipper mood today!


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Pajama Mama said...

Well...we enjoyed the wedding too...on the dvr with my coffee at 8. I appreciate your commitment to the Royal Family, however. :)

I was underwhelmed with the first kiss...he made up for it with the second one...esp the little demure look she gave afterwards.