Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me Monday

So, right off the bat, I did not promise myself that I would keep a running tally of things I did not do all week, and then I most certainly did follow through with that promise, which of course means that I am not sitting here on a Monday morning trying to recall all the things I did not do this week.
One I vividly remember is that I did not lay in bed on the one morning my Dh was actually home and actually wanted to let me sleep in, worrying about what my Princess might end up wearing to school. I did not eventually get up and find her in brown corduroy carpi's, a grey t-shirt, beige knee socks and pink sparkly mary jane type tennis shoes. I did not gasp when I saw her, and did not laugh when her daddy said, "She's a Christmas elf." I did not hand the Little Man over to his daddy while I helped the elf find a more appropriate outfit for a very cold morning. Her daddy did not say she still looked elfish in the green skirt, off-white leggings, purple, green and off-white striped shirt and black knee boots I put her in, but at least she matched.
Oh, and I did not force her to let me brush her hair before letting her go out the door.

I did not ask my little brother to come to my house and be my Mr. FixIt in lieu of him buying me a Christmas present this year. I did not thoroughly enjoy having my brother and his two boys here for the weekend. I also most definitely did not laugh when while fixing the light in my closet, the chair on which he was standing broke, and to prevent serious injury, my baby brother grabbed onto the bar from which Dh's clothes were hanging thereby almost doubling his to-do list.
I did not go check on my baby boy after putting him down for a nap only to find him STANDING in his crib. I did not tell him to stay right there while I ran to get my camera. I did not tell him to just stop with the new stuff already and try to be my baby just a little while longer. I did not then take him out of his crib and lower his mattress again. And most of all, after taking the picture of him standing like a big boy in his crib for the very first time, I did not come downstairs only to find my memory card stuck in the card reader on my computer, and I did not almost cry when I realized I took the picture with no memory card!!!
And finally, I did not have any difficulty writing this post. I did not have to go back and re-read several times adding and removing "nots" and hoping this makes sense to anyone but me. I do not often think that by having kids and being a stay at home mom, my brain cells are slowing dying, and I do not worry that by the time my son starts Kindergarten I may have to re-learn everything right along with him.
Now, go over to MckMama's blog and read a more articulate version of Not Me Monday!
P.S. I am not totally frustrated with blogger and the fact that my spacing is never the way I intended it to be. It looks great until I hit "Publish Post", then it goes all screwy.


Brandi said...

great post...but you need to post more, I love reading your blog. :)

My Three Sons said...

:( on the taking the picture with out a memory card. I have done that too. But I certainly have never cried over photo/camera related drama. Nope never!
tell your little man to slow down!!

Pajama Mama said...

Girl...all those nots confuse me so I ignore them. A. I can't believe that outfit. What a hoot! B. Does your camera have a little bit of internal memory? Mine will store about a dozen photos on it...C. I can picture the same picture of my Butter in my mind from 9 years ago when he did that. D. And you aren't even menopausal yet...