Friday, January 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday

We all have those moments in our lives when we do things we would really rather just forget. Not Me! Monday is the chance to embrace those moments and realize that our lives are fine despite our moments of inattentiveness, laziness or just plain forgetfulness! For more Not Me!s head over to MckMama's blog!

Last Monday I did not spend most of the day with the words, "Why didn't school start back today instead of tomorrow?" running through my head. I was not counting down the minutes until I could take my girls (and my daycare kids) back to school. Nope, I enjoy every single moment with all the kids in my house.

I did not turn 41 on Tuesday! I can't be that old. I have a baby for Pete's sake.

I did not completely forget that I had a meeting with the parents of the Princess' Brownie troop. I also did not forget that I had asked my niece to come stay with my kids while I went to said meeting. I did not suddenly remember these facts when said niece pulled into my driveway Friday night. I did not then realize that I could not under any circumstances allow her and her six month old daughter to come into my house with my son who had oozing impetigo sores on his face. There is no way I could have possibly forgotten any of this because I am the Cookie Mom who was supposed to be conducting the meeting!!

I did not stand in my kitchen last night with all three kids surrounding me and suddenly become overwhelmed and a little tickled by the fact that I have THREE kids. What were we thinking? We're outnumbered!

I am not getting ready to head out to the pediatrician with child number two in the great impetigo outbreak of 2009. What a marvelous way to start a new year.

So, what did you not do this week?


S.L.P said...

Wow, I've had some major forgetful moments like that. I think three kids will do that to you. I feel like I lost a lot of memory after #3 was born. I hope the kids are better soon!

Crystal said...

Oh no another kiddo got the impetigo bug? GWS everyone!

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

I know its horrible but I tell people all the time...3 is too many :) I love Bryan to pieces but 3 is just sooo much harder than 2