Friday, January 30, 2009

Good Karma

Even though I went ahead and shared about Lisa's My Fruit Roll Up give a way, thereby reducing my chances of winning, I still won! I guess it's good karma for not being selfish!

Off to design my Roll Ups!!

And a BIG thank you to Lisa. Now if I can just talk her into a trip to Florida to photograph my family!!


Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

Congrats, I tell ya it was the good Karma. it was just oo perfect!
And I would sooo be there if we could. We could all use a serious vaca and I'm sure our next trip wil be to FL but won't be this year! :(

Kristine said...

Woot woot! LOL

Pajama Mama said...

What is Karma anyway? The only thing I know of karma is what BoyGeorge sang about come and go, you come and goooooo.

Crystal said...

I gave you an award :-)