Thursday, October 8, 2009

Alphabitty Moments - The Letter F

Alphabitty Moments is a blog carnival created by MamaBear at 4 the Love of Family as a way to record the little things in our kids lives.

I have been distracted again this week. This week's distraction comes in the form of the lice and nits in my daughter's hair.
AGAIN! So, I have only completed one page once again!

The letter 'F' is for field trips. My older daughter is in the 7th grade and has yet to go on a field trip without either myself or her Daddy with her. Other moms have made comments about how their kids would d-i-e die if they went on field trips. My daughter
wants us there. And that makes me one happy Mama!

These photos were taken when I went with her to the equestrian center after her 5th grade class read
The Black Stallion.

Using field trips for the letter 'F' also gave me the opportunity to use two of my favorite photos. I really didn't think I could get any good pictures from where we were sitting, but I love both the cowboy and the rodeo clown pictures.

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Pajama Mama said...

I love the collage you made! And those rodeo pics are great too.

So sorry you're back to nit-picking. What a PAIN.