Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Family Game Night

We try to have Family Game Nights as often as we can.

When we play games that require us to divide into teams, The Princess is always on my team while her sister is with her Daddy. The Princess and I almost always lose.

So, not too long ago, we decide to practice playing Pictionary, then we would challenge the other two to a game.

We wanted to practice first so we could get in sync with each other and have a chance to win. We got out the chalk board and chalk and used Pictionary Man to give us our words.

The first time The Princess drew pictures for me to guess, she drew something, then said, "That's spinach in case you can't tell." I couldn't.

So, I started making guesses. I finally guessed 'vegetarian'. The Princess was very excited that I had guessed the correct word. Until I looked at Pictionary Man's foot and realized her word was veterinarian. Not exactly the same thing! Although we did decide that it would make sense for animal doctors to not want to eat their patients.

I explained to The Princess that if I drew something that looked like an ear, that meant the next word I planned to draw would sound like the word I really wanted her to say. She seemed to understand, but please keep in mind that this is my blond child.

On her next turn, The Princess drew an ear. Here's what followed:

Me: Ok, good! Sounds like....

She started writing letters. Ok, so she didn't really get it. She was trying to spell a word that rhymed with what she wanted me to say. Still it was a start. Or so I thought.

She wrote: M - A - S - A - C - H - U

Me: Massachusetts?

Princess: YES!

Me: It sounds like Massachusetts?

Princess: YES!

Me: It sounds like Massachusetts?

Princess: YES!

Me: It sounds like Massachusetts?

Princess: YES!

Me: Does it also rhyme with orange?

Thankfully, our time ran out.

Her word? MOSQUITO!

I knew then that we were doomed.


Kristine said...

I literally lol'ed! GL with finally getting a win..I think you need it! :-D

Pajama Mama said...

hahahahahahaha! She won't do!

dawn said...

toooooooo funny!