Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Costumes?

Here we are four days away from Halloween, and I have no clue what my kids are wearing. I have convinced the girls to use something we already have, and they seem to be okay with that. We have plenty of princess dresses, witch costumes, a couple of different cats, overalls for a scarecrow, farmer or hobo.

Little Man is another story. We don't have much little boy stuff hanging around the house. And while his sisters think it's funny to dress him up in old dance costumes, his Daddy and I really don't.

It's difficult to buy our costumes too far in advance because most Halloween costumes seem to be geared toward those who live in the parts of the country that have a true fall season. Some years it's quite chilly here. Last year was rainy and in the 60's. The forecast this year is for a high of 89 degrees. The weather man even mentioned something about having fried pumpkin by the end of the day. Loverly.

To make things in the Halloween costume department a little more interesting, my girls both came to me after bed time last night to 'remind' me that they need costumes to wear to church tonight.

Of course by 'remind' I mean tell me for the very first time. And so I'll spend my day putting together costumes that are appropriate for church.

It's not like I have approximately 49 loads of laundry, dirty bathrooms, a sink full of dishes, two toddlers making new messes whenever my back is turned or my mother coming for a visit this weekend. Nope, I've got all the time in the world to search for costumes.

Especially with all the advance notice.


MamaBear said...

That's when you pull out the punny costumes. One year I went as a Smarty Pants (I hand sewed rolls of the smarty candy to black pants (Tape works too))

Good luck!

CraftGirlAlli said...

I like mamabear's costume haha. That's good! A friend of mine mentioned dressing in a light blue or grey sweatsuit and gluing cotton balls all over the outfit...and going as....

cloudy with a chance of rain


Margie Widgeon said...

love the smarty pants idea...thats cute!