Thursday, October 1, 2009

Alphabitty Moments - The Letter E

Alphabitty Moments is a blog carnival created by MamaBear at 4 the Love of Family as a way to document the little, everyday things.

This week is the letter 'E'. I only have one page finished. 'E' for eyes was a no brainer for The Princess. I have a migraine, and no brainers are the only things my brain can comprehend right now. I'll have to catch Sweetpea up at a later date.

I have dark brown eyes. My husband has mostly brown eyes with little flecks of green. I always thought our kids would all have brown hair and brown eyes. The Princess proved me wrong. She has blonde hair and eyes that used to be ice blue and are now either blue, green or grey depending on what she's wearing. I am fascinated by her eyes. I guess that's because mine are almost black and never change.

When she was little, strangers would stop us to tell us how much she looked like Cindy Loo Who. With those big blue eyes and the blonde hair that always had a bow in it, she really did look like Cindy Loo.


Ok, I got off track there.


Alphabitty Moments - The Letter E


LaToya said...

Your daughter's eyes are exactly like my youngest's eyes are. They usually look grey but do change depending on what he's wearing.

I love your layout too.

Goldylocks said...

BEA-U-TIFUL! eyes!!! And love your page!

Kristina Joy said...

Eye like!

stb said...

Beautiful eyes!

I have eyes like your daughters - they are blue or green or grey-ish depending on the day. My husband has dark brown eyes. Unfortunately my daughter only inherited my thighs and not my eyes ;-)

But our 6-mo old son is trying like crazy to hold on to his blue eyes - I'm hoping they stay!