Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Photo Layouts a la MckMama

MckMama posted a tutorial on making photo layouts.

I have spent the last two hours or so trying to get a layout I like!

Here are my issues:

*MckMama is a
professional photographer. I am not.

*MckMama has a fancy shmancy camera. I have a point and shoot.

*MckMama uses Photoshop. I use free photo editing provided by

That said, I was able to use
MckMama's instructions, translate them a little, and produce a layout I sorta like.

Or maybe it's just midnight, I'm tired, and I'll change what I don't love (a/k/a the off centeredness that is kicking my OCD into overdrive) tomorrow!

For instance, the photo on the bottom right? It needs to be moved to the right just a smidge.

You can click on the layout to see it bigger. Next, I really need someone to teach me how to post bigger pictures.

Then maybe I can have a post titled Large Photos a la Kristine (hint, hint, Kristine)!

And then I got carried away and made two more layouts.

I even made the background black in the frog one.

And now......sleep.....zzzzzzzzz


Talysa said...

A Party of Fiver...and OCD...are we related?!?!? ;-)

Talysa said...

Love your pics by the way!

Kristine said...

LOL! I use all ready made-up templates b/c I'd probably end up as frustrated as you trying to do it myself!

As for posting larger pics...you want to go into "edit html" after loading your picture into your blog post. Then you want to find the section in the html that looks something like this-
width: 400px; height: 269px;

And delete that part.

Then go to the part that says-


and change the 4 to an 8. Your picture should now be big!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Neat! I love your frog photos!

Have a wonderful day!


Melissa said...

Try switching to GIMP.org for editing. It's a lot more powerful than Paint.net. There's an alignment tool that will let you align photos in layouts relative to eachother and the image that will get them to line up better.