Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In a Funk

I've been in a bit of a funk lately. This time of year always seems to bring out that side of me, for various reasons.

I'll be okay. I'll get over it. Once Thanksgiving is over, and I can focus on Christmas, I'll be fine.

But for now, I'm in a bit of a funk.

Yesterday was a day to fit my mood. It was dreary. There was a misty rain off and on all day.

When I got home from the second leg of my morning bus route, I looked around my rather overgrown yard. There are weeds that need to be pulled. The few leaves that actually change color around here have gone from green to dark brown and are littering my yard. And the Spanish Moss that attacks everything, has attacked.

I don't mind the moss really, except that I know it can kill a tree if too much of it collects there, and my Camellia tree is covered. My tree, in fact my whole yard, seem to be in a bit of a funk too.

And then I saw it. Do you see it?

Look closely.

That one bright red speck amongst all the moss and misty rain and brown leaves and dreariness.

Can you see it?

I know there is an analogy here. Beauty in the midst of the mundane, even the ugly? Bloom where you're planted? Fight your way out of the funk and shine brightly? Hope springs eternal?

Maybe it's telling me that you can be right slap dab in the middle of a funk and still be fine, still be yourself, still be normal. You know, sort of embrace the funk, enjoy it a little, wallow in it and just let yourself just be.

Maybe it's a combination of all those things.

Just before I started working on this post, I read Angie Smith's latest post.

If that's not a sign of hope, I just don't know what is.


Pajama Mama said...

I see it! I think there's major analogy there...all of the ones you mentioned. There's always SOMETHING to be grateful for...something good...even in the mundane.


What a beautiful flower. How great that flower grew up in all the moss. God is Amazing. Hope you are feeling better.