Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yolanda, Holander and Bob

Meet Yolanda and Holander, our scarecrows. They are a lovely fall addition to our front yard. We buy new scarecrows every couple of years because the Florida humidity causes them to mold, so they don't last any longer than that.

On several occasions, we have found Yolanda and Holander with their backs to each other. We think they argue a lot.

My girls picked these costumes to wear to church last Wednesday. The Princess was a cheetah, and Sweetpea was a Publix employee. She wore her Daddy's name tag, but in reality he wears neither a hat nor an apron to work.

And finally, Bob, the jack-o-lantern. Bob got his name because after the girls finished carving him, and we lit his candle and turned out the lights, Little Man pointed to him and said something that sounded like "Bob".

Are we the only people who name inanimate objects? Scarecrows, jack-o-lanterns, our car, all have names. The car is Rosie, by the way. It is just us? Are we crazy?

Bob was purchased and carved Thursday night. By Saturday afternoon, he was already a little slimy. Bob is still on my front porch. The trash truck doesn't come again until Thursday. I am quite certain by then he will be filled with black mold.

Oh, the joys of fall in Florida.

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Pajama Mama said...

We pretty much name everything. And our scarecrows....they whisper secrets to each other all day. I had to separate them. Rayray names everything Fred. She has a problem.