Monday, June 20, 2011

Back To Reality

In case it wasn't made completely obvious by my posts last week, we were on vacation.

We have a friend with a condo on the beach, and he lets us use it for at least one week each summer.

Sometimes I think I'd like to go find a new place to visit, but we love it there. 

We have been so many times, it feels like a home away from home. 

We know where everything is, and we have made memories there. 

I have rocked every one of my babies in the recliner by the sliding glass doors leading out to the balcony.  There is nothing more calming than rocking a baby while looking out at the ocean and hearing the waves crash on the shore.

Plus, it's only a 45 minute drive, a definite plus with little kids.

And, it's FREE.  Can't beat that!

Baby Girl celbrated her nine month birthday on the first day of our vacation. 

And The Tween turned 10 while we were there.  I can't believe she has reached double digits already. 

I'll post pictures and more details later.  Right now, I need to unpack and try to get back to reality!


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Pajama Mama said...

Glad you had some time away...