Thursday, June 9, 2011


Tuesday night, we took the whole family out to dinner.  This is not something we do often, mainly due to financial restraints, but it's the end of school, and the big girls really wanted Mexican, and I wasn't about to say no to my first margarita in a year and a half. 

(For some reason, pregnant women and nursing mothers aren't allowed to have margaritas.)

Everything went smoothly. 

Everyone sat in their chairs and behaved themselves. 

Baby Girl sat in a high chair between her big sisters and ate Gerber Puffs.

The Boy sat between his daddy and me and only asked to go potty twice.

When we were about half way through our meal, an elderly gentleman walked by and tapped my husband on the shoulder.  Then he said, "My wife and I just wanted to tell you what a beautiful family you have."

I love getting compliments like that when we take our children out.

After we finished our dinner, The Hubby got up to go pay our bill, and The Boy hopped up to go with him.

The big girls and I gathered up all of our stuff (Gerber Puffs, baby toys, paci, etc.) and I took the last swig of my margarita.  When I stood up, another elderly gentleman who had been sitting at the table behind us, got my attention.

Of course, I was thinking I was about to receive the second compliment of the night. 

Instead, he pointed to The Boy and said, "Ummmm, your son is only wearing one shoe."

Well, of course.


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Pajama Mama said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I literally just got choked on my miniwheats. This post needs to be in a magazine or something.

But HOORAY for well behaved kids out in public and that someone took notice and bothered to tell you!!