Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Holy Smoke!

That is the view we normally enjoy when on vacation.  We often sit on the porch and look out at the ocean, sometimes watching dolphins jumping in the waves, as we eat our lunch.

This year, our view was a little different.  While we did have a few days that offered views reaching to the horizon, most days we couldn't see through the thick layer of smoke.

The week of our vacation, there were 104 forest fires burning in our area.  The one night we went for an evening stroll on the beach, part of our normal daily routine while vacationing here, we returned with burning eyes, a slight cough and clothes that smelled of smoke.  I had a headache almost every single day.

I realize a smoky, hazy vacation on the beach is nothing to complain about in comparison to the people who have been forced to evacuate their homes or have even lost homes to these fires.  A couple of forest rangers have even lost their lives.

The last few days, we've had late afternoon storms, which are typical Florida weather.  The rain seems to be helping.  I just pray that it keeps coming!



Pajama Mama said...

That's no fun...But you are right, at least you aren't having to evacuate your home.

Maggy said...

Sending prayers your way!!

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have a wonderful day!