Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Wrap Up

** The Tween did an awesome job in the Talent Show.  A large majority of the particpants had "talent", but there were a few who have TALENT! 

I was pleasantly surprised. 

The Tween and her friend followed the act that stole the show.  Two little boys from their class put on a pop & lock/break dancing act that was amazing.  It was a tough act to follow, but my girls held their own.  They didn't show any nerves at all, and they were super cute too.


**  Baby Girl spent three afternoons this week watching tryouts and rehearsals and dancing on the tables in the cafetorium.  This does not bode well for her future. 

We want to limit the table dancing thankyouverymuch.

**  Last night Baby Girl crawled over to Dora The Explorer's Talking Doll House, grabbed on to it, and pulled herself to a standing position.  She has been hanging out by that house for a few days now, pulling up to her knees, but last night she finally made it all the way up. 

She was quite proud. 

I would have taken her picture, but my camera was still in the car from the talent show, and also, when she stood up, I realized that her diaper had leaked, and she had poop on her tuckus. 

No one wants to see that!

**  The Teen scored a 100 on her last Math test of Junior High School.  I couldn't be more proud.  Also, it covered the polynomials that I helped her understand, so yay us!

**  And finally, The Boy!  Nothing major happened with him this week.  He didn't injure himself and no one lost him. 

But he did spend a little time doing whatever this is!


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Angel said...

He is probably fighting bad guys with a stick.