Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Talent" Show

On Tuesday, The Tween and her friend, Emma, tried out for the elementary school talent show.  They are singing "Why Would a Fella Want a Girl Like Her" from Cinderella.

The word talent in talent show is used very loosely here, but I give all these kids credit for getting up in front of all those people and at least trying. 

I know I never could have done it at their age. 

Or, you know, now.

The Tween wanted me to go watch the tryouts, so I loaded up The Boy and Baby Girl, and off we went.  When we got there, Mrs. Williams, who is in charge of the show every year, bless her heart, was calling out numbers for each of the acts in the tryouts. 

My girl was number 59 out of 59. 


Each group was given just one minute to perform while a group of teachers decided which of them would go on to perform in the actual show.

I thought we might have a chance to be one of the chosen 20 after the "Dead or Alive" girl's performance.  If you're picturing some sort of elementary school production of an awesome Bon Jovi song, you are sadly mistaken. 

This precious girl had slips of paper torn from her notebook.  She stood in front of the microphone stand and had the school counselor come up to help her. 

She said, "I will say if these people are dead or alive, then Mrs. C will say their names so the people in the back can hear."

Then she held up a piece of paper, said, "This person is dead" and handed the paper to the teacher.

Mrs. C read, "George Washington."

At one point the girl said her mom was dead.  Actually, she killed off her mom twice.  Her mom is very much alive.  Then she got flustered and I honestly thought she might hyperventilate right there on the stage.

And that was it for her talent.  About ten dead or alive people's names on ripped up paper.  I think Mrs. C might be making some phone calls on her behalf today.

Also in the mix was a girl who tried to recite Green Eggs and Ham.  She talked so fast I could barely understand a word she said. 

There were two hula hoopers.  A gymnast.  A girl who mumbled a few words to a song, then said, "I'm done" and walked off the stage. Lots of little girls singing along with CDs, several dance acts, a boy doing karate or tae kwon do.  I don't really know the difference. And a rather funny comedian.

Like I said, regardless of their talent or abilities, everyone who tried out has my utmost respect.

The Tween made the cut and will be performing later this afternoon.  I'll let you know how it goes!



Pajama Mama said...

The dead or alive thing is too outrageous for me to even ask if you are serious...bc I don't even think you could dream up that one.

Angel said...

I agree - there is no way you could make that up!!!

I laughed so much I almost could not finish reading. It was hilarious enough when I envisioning a little girl mamacking up your boyfriend's song, but the reality was even better.

I am proud of my niece for auditioning and making the cut!